Friday, November 2, 2012

so today i have some pictures to share with you! in our town, we have a night where the kids can go Trick-Or-Treating downtown. there is a 3 block area that is blocked off and the kids can run free [or as free as they can get while their parents are with them :0) ] anyhow back to my story lol, i decided to try and set up a background and see if i could get any costumers! i did end up getting a few kids that took pics!!! here they are!

this little guy is so cute! he was they cutest little tiger that night! adorable!

look at these little cheerleaders! they were so shy :0) just look at those smiles! 


Harry Potter put a spell on me! he was love love loving his costume! that little guy was fun!!

and of course, not to be rude or anything :0) but the CUTEST little firemen EVER!!!
my son and my nephew are so much alike lol best buddies!

thanks for the pics guys!!! and thanks for viewing my blog!!! don't forget to leave a comment!

Monday, October 15, 2012

helpful tips on how to be ready for your photo shoot!

hey ya'll!  I would like to share a few tips for my photo sessions!
-solid colors are the best for pictures. Layers work great to add color, texture and dimension. Avoid shorter sleeves if possible. U can also add patterns in small amounts. just know that solids work best!
-darker colors work well with lighter skin tones.
-lighter colors work well with darker skin tones.
-check your undies! Wear nude colors :0) not white / patterns!
-hands will be in pics (diff in senior photos) so make sure to get ur nails did! trimmed, cleaned and lookin gorgeous!
-avoid sunburn/tan lines
-necklines : is a great place for advice on finding the perfect neckline for you!
-ladies...bring extra make-up! May need a touch-up as we go.

Alrighty :0) hope that helps! See ya at picture time!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shaya Senior Pictures!

shaya is one of my very good friends daughter, she is such a wonderful person and it was a real peach having her be my first Senior Picture!  here are a few of the pictures that we took.. there are A LOT more! but this is what u get for now! enjoy!


 and my 3 personal favorite! i love love love purple! and the bottom one is just so classy!

 thank you so much for viewing my photos! hope to see you again soon!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

little miss kylie anne

heller again!

    this photo session is of kylie! a wonderfully bouncy little four year old! if you read my earlier post i mentioned that lil miss kylie here is one of my sons best friends and that her mommy is also one of my best friends! so this was a very fun shoot! took the boy child along for the ride and they even ended up takin some pics together at the end! it was so cute.. anyhow, gettin off track!

     we played with chalk, and ran around... we even took a, non photographed, ice cream break! now that i think about it, i probably should've takin the "messy ice cream faced" pictures.. awww shucks... next time!!! well here are a few!

(tutus made by me)

she was having so much fun with that chalk.

and this is kylies beautiful mother stacie...aren't they just adorable :0)


Crystal and Tyler maternity

hillo again!
    for my next photo session i took maternity pictures of my other cousin Crystal (kaylas sister) and her man Tyler. they were my first "couple" shoot so i was so super excited lol and really nervous at the same time! but i like how the pictures turned out. they were so cute together, i would've been highly disappointed if they didn't lol. crystal and kaylas due dates were only like a week apart! crazy huh?! so here are a few of their pictures!

[i have a confession to make, i'm not sure what my "picture style" is yet lol... as u can see from the variety of photo styles in this post. part of it is because i'm in a photography photoshop class right now so i'm learning new skills as i'm going, but part of it is also because i like such a wide variety of pictures... I LOVE THEM ALL!!!]  i'll have more on this subject in another post. now it's time to talk about how wonderful it was working with crystal and tyler!

    they were so fun!, it was a joy working with them lol tyler even ended up putting that tutu, in the above picture, on his head.. we got a good chuckle out of it!!!!!! and i'll probably hear about it when i see him next, but it's ok!

thank you again guys for letting me take pictures for you at this memorable time!
thank you for reading my blog and don't forget to leave a comment for me!!!!

Kaylas maternity

    alrighty! this was my second session. this is Makayla, my cousin! she was AHHHHMAZING! i love her so much! she was very patient and was ready to be out until the sun went down... we were out taking pictures for a little over three hours i think. i had sooo much fun!

    ok, so i have to show you my FAVORITE picture of them all!!! cause it's just ahmazing and she's beautiful, and i love the background and and... i'm just speechless!!! lol

well to be honest... there's two of them that i like just as equally >>>


     i'm not sure which i like best... but i just love them.. don't you??!!! ok, onto the next! so we had to capture the sunset :0) we headed out of town and got to the spot, that i searched and searched for the evening before and just had to find the perfect spot, just in time! the sunset was beautiful that evening and the purple dress she had chosen worked very well with her surrounding colors! i was very happy to capture this picture!

    when the sunset had past, we headed back into town to get a few more shots! we ended up going to this tree [that you're probably going to be seeing in a few of my photos because it is just an awesome tree!] and we got a few cute shots :0) one of them including this one!

    this tree just has sooo many awesome angles to work with and is just a beautiful tree to photograph! after we took some pictures there we headed downtown. we had to whip out a few props for this one since we hadn't done much of that, and got this awesome picture!!

    i do believe that this picture and the one with the sunset were kaylas favorite picks. they all turned out great and i really shocked myself on what a good job i ended up doing!!! i think i have been improving with every session and i hope you all think the same! i want to say thanks to kayla one more time and thank you to you for reading my blog! please don't forget to leave me a comment or two so i know that someone out there is reading this!!! lol otherwise i kinda just feel like i'm talking to myself, which may be the case! and ya know what?! i'm alright with that hahahahaha... 

    thank you thank you!!!

Ballinger maternity

hi again! ok, i'm going to start off with my first photo session!

   this is my co-worker jess, she was 8 mnths preg i believe and her daughter is 3. it was a very interesting time! i wasn't sooo sure on how to "direct" her to pose, so it was a fun and silly and very educational experience!
    we started out by my garage, sydney was being a little shy lol...

  [i also didn't have the luxury of using photoshop with these pictures :0( i actually logged onto the free site... it sooo wasn't what i was hoping for]

    then we went to a little place that i like to call "my secret spot" lol sydney decided that she was ready to go to the park, she didn't really want to make any more pit stops!  i love this picture! and i don't have any really good pics of jess at this spot, so this lil cutie will have to do for now!

    we went to the park next and syd was alll warmed up by that point! she was even pretending to be a dog for a little while. she was so cute lol and very full of energy! jess was a delight to work with and i'm very greatful that she took some time out of her life to help me out in starting my photography adventure!...


   and all my other pictures are on my other computer... so that is that for this session! hope you liked the pics... and more to come!

a little piece of Happy!

hiya hiya!
    i've been really thinking of something good to write for ya! annndd i really haven't came up with anything awesome! lol so i'm going to share with you a picture that i took and put a little quote on it! it makes me smile inside and out!!!

 i just think it's awesome!

i'm actually working on editing a few pictures right now and hopefully i can get them up to you today.. actually, i hope to get A LOT of my pictures up for you today! ok, enough chit chat, i'd better get to work!!!

p.s.-- i also wanted to add that the 2 sessions i was supposed to do this last weekend got canceled. my friend that i was going to take the pictures of the 4 kids didn't end up getting her niece and nephew :0( and the senior that i was supposed to do got scheduled for work... so bummer on that, but i'm doing my cousins family photo/ newborn session tomorrow! so yay for that!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a photo trip to the junk yard!

hey ya'll!
    last night i grabbed up my son and my cousin and headed to take a vertical panorama picture of a crane! this is an assignment of mine for my digital photography class that i am taking, well the assignment is to take four panorama pictures, and i really wanted to take a vertical one! sooo off to the junk yard we go!!!

    i love all the colors that are in a junk yard! rusty metals, reds, yellows, all different sorts of blues! it's just ahhmmazing!!!

so here is what i ended up with!

don't ya just love it?! it turned out way better than i had hoped for!! i also took a few "non assignment" pictures! i would've probably stayed there until the sun went down, but the boy child was getting a little restless... so i figured we should probably leave before it was a big ta-do! here are a few of the other pictures i took... hope you like!!

till next time!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

felt like i needed to write something!

hi guys!
    so the photo sessions that i've had have consisted of maternity, newborn, lil tykes, a family picture, a few basketball action shots and one of my good friend bein a poser!
    well!, these next two weeks i will be taking a group photo with 4 lil tykes, a SENIOR picture!!!, two family pictures and my son and nephews preschool pictures! i am so excited to be taking these pics i have soo many ideas and just hope they turn out the way i'm excepting them to!
    i am in school right now taking a photography class and have a few major projects that i'm working on, so i'm sorry i haven't been able to update like i've been wanting to! i also have two jobs and a happy and veeerryyy hyper three year old, so that might have something to do with it as well! lol

    thanks guys and i hope to be able to give you more on my next update!

Monday, September 3, 2012

a few pictures!

hi again! i am just so excited about this blog that i can't stop thinking about it! i am going to put a few pictures up for you to see... hope you like!!

this is a maternity session that i did with my brother and his girlfriend. they are so cute together and i loved her perfectly round little belly! i am very grateful to these two for allowing me to capture their soon to be little guy (my nephew)!!!!!!!

and this is the little guy that was all cramped up in that little belly! ain't he a cutie!!! i love him so much :0) he was WIDE awake after he ate lol but i love his little facial expression! he's sayin "hey auntie, do i look cute?!?" and OF COURSE HE DOES!

this is another maternity session that i did this summer. this is my cousin and her man lol they had a little girl! they were a wonderful couple to work with! they were actually my first "couple" shoot, it was a whole new experience, but a great one!!! thanks guys!

and here's another one of my cousins! yup, u guessed it... we had 3 new babies within one week! 2 were even on the same day!!! she was ahhmazzing! she was the second session that i had and we were out in the hot until it was too dark to shoot! we were probably out for at least three hours lol it was so much fun! thanks girl!

this is one of my good friends! she was very fun to work with :0) she was such a poser lol! she's so cute and it was just really really great working with her! she would just start posing for me and i got some ahmaazing pictures out of our session!!!

this here is a beautiful little girl that i had the chance to take pictures of... my first newborn shoot. and let me tell you, now that was an experience! i love love love babies, but i hadn't gotten the chance to hold a newborn in a little over 3 years lol... i just didn't want to break here! but she did amazing and looked so cute in the tutu that i made!

this is one of my sons best friends! her mommy and i are besties too lol! she was such an ornery little bugger! it was so fun! she really liked her tutu too! she's so adorable and i just LOVE this picture!

well, there's a few for ya to see! i will soon be getting more pictures of each photo session out into their own post so you can see more! thank you soo much :0)

till next time!

lol... i'm a Blogger!

HI EVERYONE!!! thank you sooo so much for coming to my blog!
this is my first blog EVER! and i'im actually pretty nervous, hehe!!! 
(side bar: i like to use ! marks, i'm just a happy person lol)
    well, i guess i should share a little about myself!! ok, so... i'm a 25 year old female, i live in Nebraska and i have a 3 1/2 year old son. he has just started preschool and it's a wonderful experience! i L.O.V.E. pictures!, i love taking pictures, looking pictures, and i could look at pictures alll day if i had enough time! i love making people laugh, and i am so random that sometimes it scares me lol, but i love to have fun and be random!
    i am starting this blog because i am trying to become a photographer! i would really love to some day be able to take off on an adventure and take pictures and have it be my main source of income!!! some day :0)

well, i hope to have a few pictures up for you in a few days!... i do have a facebook page started. it's if you would like to view a couple pictures before i can get them up. once again...
thank you thank you thank you!!!