Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a photo trip to the junk yard!

hey ya'll!
    last night i grabbed up my son and my cousin and headed to take a vertical panorama picture of a crane! this is an assignment of mine for my digital photography class that i am taking, well the assignment is to take four panorama pictures, and i really wanted to take a vertical one! sooo off to the junk yard we go!!!

    i love all the colors that are in a junk yard! rusty metals, reds, yellows, all different sorts of blues! it's just ahhmmazing!!!

so here is what i ended up with!

don't ya just love it?! it turned out way better than i had hoped for!! i also took a few "non assignment" pictures! i would've probably stayed there until the sun went down, but the boy child was getting a little restless... so i figured we should probably leave before it was a big ta-do! here are a few of the other pictures i took... hope you like!!

till next time!

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