Sunday, September 9, 2012

felt like i needed to write something!

hi guys!
    so the photo sessions that i've had have consisted of maternity, newborn, lil tykes, a family picture, a few basketball action shots and one of my good friend bein a poser!
    well!, these next two weeks i will be taking a group photo with 4 lil tykes, a SENIOR picture!!!, two family pictures and my son and nephews preschool pictures! i am so excited to be taking these pics i have soo many ideas and just hope they turn out the way i'm excepting them to!
    i am in school right now taking a photography class and have a few major projects that i'm working on, so i'm sorry i haven't been able to update like i've been wanting to! i also have two jobs and a happy and veeerryyy hyper three year old, so that might have something to do with it as well! lol

    thanks guys and i hope to be able to give you more on my next update!

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