Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kaylas maternity

    alrighty! this was my second session. this is Makayla, my cousin! she was AHHHHMAZING! i love her so much! she was very patient and was ready to be out until the sun went down... we were out taking pictures for a little over three hours i think. i had sooo much fun!

    ok, so i have to show you my FAVORITE picture of them all!!! cause it's just ahmazing and she's beautiful, and i love the background and and... i'm just speechless!!! lol

well to be honest... there's two of them that i like just as equally >>>


     i'm not sure which i like best... but i just love them.. don't you??!!! ok, onto the next! so we had to capture the sunset :0) we headed out of town and got to the spot, that i searched and searched for the evening before and just had to find the perfect spot, just in time! the sunset was beautiful that evening and the purple dress she had chosen worked very well with her surrounding colors! i was very happy to capture this picture!

    when the sunset had past, we headed back into town to get a few more shots! we ended up going to this tree [that you're probably going to be seeing in a few of my photos because it is just an awesome tree!] and we got a few cute shots :0) one of them including this one!

    this tree just has sooo many awesome angles to work with and is just a beautiful tree to photograph! after we took some pictures there we headed downtown. we had to whip out a few props for this one since we hadn't done much of that, and got this awesome picture!!

    i do believe that this picture and the one with the sunset were kaylas favorite picks. they all turned out great and i really shocked myself on what a good job i ended up doing!!! i think i have been improving with every session and i hope you all think the same! i want to say thanks to kayla one more time and thank you to you for reading my blog! please don't forget to leave me a comment or two so i know that someone out there is reading this!!! lol otherwise i kinda just feel like i'm talking to myself, which may be the case! and ya know what?! i'm alright with that hahahahaha... 

    thank you thank you!!!

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