Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a little piece of Happy!

hiya hiya!
    i've been really thinking of something good to write for ya! annndd i really haven't came up with anything awesome! lol so i'm going to share with you a picture that i took and put a little quote on it! it makes me smile inside and out!!!

 i just think it's awesome!

i'm actually working on editing a few pictures right now and hopefully i can get them up to you today.. actually, i hope to get A LOT of my pictures up for you today! ok, enough chit chat, i'd better get to work!!!

p.s.-- i also wanted to add that the 2 sessions i was supposed to do this last weekend got canceled. my friend that i was going to take the pictures of the 4 kids didn't end up getting her niece and nephew :0( and the senior that i was supposed to do got scheduled for work... so bummer on that, but i'm doing my cousins family photo/ newborn session tomorrow! so yay for that!!!!

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