Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ballinger maternity

hi again! ok, i'm going to start off with my first photo session!

   this is my co-worker jess, she was 8 mnths preg i believe and her daughter is 3. it was a very interesting time! i wasn't sooo sure on how to "direct" her to pose, so it was a fun and silly and very educational experience!
    we started out by my garage, sydney was being a little shy lol...

  [i also didn't have the luxury of using photoshop with these pictures :0( i actually logged onto the free photoshop.com site... it sooo wasn't what i was hoping for]

    then we went to a little place that i like to call "my secret spot" lol sydney decided that she was ready to go to the park, she didn't really want to make any more pit stops!  i love this picture! and i don't have any really good pics of jess at this spot, so this lil cutie will have to do for now!

    we went to the park next and syd was alll warmed up by that point! she was even pretending to be a dog for a little while. she was so cute lol and very full of energy! jess was a delight to work with and i'm very greatful that she took some time out of her life to help me out in starting my photography adventure!...


   and all my other pictures are on my other computer... so that is that for this session! hope you liked the pics... and more to come!

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