Monday, September 3, 2012

lol... i'm a Blogger!

HI EVERYONE!!! thank you sooo so much for coming to my blog!
this is my first blog EVER! and i'im actually pretty nervous, hehe!!! 
(side bar: i like to use ! marks, i'm just a happy person lol)
    well, i guess i should share a little about myself!! ok, so... i'm a 25 year old female, i live in Nebraska and i have a 3 1/2 year old son. he has just started preschool and it's a wonderful experience! i L.O.V.E. pictures!, i love taking pictures, looking pictures, and i could look at pictures alll day if i had enough time! i love making people laugh, and i am so random that sometimes it scares me lol, but i love to have fun and be random!
    i am starting this blog because i am trying to become a photographer! i would really love to some day be able to take off on an adventure and take pictures and have it be my main source of income!!! some day :0)

well, i hope to have a few pictures up for you in a few days!... i do have a facebook page started. it's if you would like to view a couple pictures before i can get them up. once again...
thank you thank you thank you!!!

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