Monday, April 8, 2013

finally got a logo!

i was sure that i put this post up months ago, but i apparently forgot to press the publish button. so, you'll be getting 2 posts from me today!!

hi guys! long time no see...

well, i finally found myself a logo that i just couldn't live without. what do you think??!! i just love it! it's simple, and lovely, and just so darn cute. :0)

and i've been working on my computer and learning how to use Photoshop Elements 11 instead of Photoshop CS6 (that's what i used to learn P.S.).
here's a picture of my son that i edited using my new found skills on PSE11

(also a few more of these Christmas pictures pictures to come!)

it's always so fun to learn new things when dealing with pictures. but i'm also the type of person that, if i learn something one way, i'd really prefer to stick with that way of doing things. with the switch from PS CS6 to PSE 11 it's been a bit of a challenge, but most of the options that you have in PS CS6 are in PSE 11, you just have to go about looking for them in a different way! one thing that i have missed A LOT, and haven't been able to find is the "curves" adjustment layer. but i have been told that it is there... just gotta keep searching on!

on another note, we've been sort of getting ready for Christmas and the boy child and i got the tree put up FINALLY lol. seems like that took forEVER :0) but now that we got it put up it's just so pretty! i love shutting all the lights off at night and just sitting in the room with only the tree lit up. now that's a beautiful sight!