Monday, September 3, 2012

a few pictures!

hi again! i am just so excited about this blog that i can't stop thinking about it! i am going to put a few pictures up for you to see... hope you like!!

this is a maternity session that i did with my brother and his girlfriend. they are so cute together and i loved her perfectly round little belly! i am very grateful to these two for allowing me to capture their soon to be little guy (my nephew)!!!!!!!

and this is the little guy that was all cramped up in that little belly! ain't he a cutie!!! i love him so much :0) he was WIDE awake after he ate lol but i love his little facial expression! he's sayin "hey auntie, do i look cute?!?" and OF COURSE HE DOES!

this is another maternity session that i did this summer. this is my cousin and her man lol they had a little girl! they were a wonderful couple to work with! they were actually my first "couple" shoot, it was a whole new experience, but a great one!!! thanks guys!

and here's another one of my cousins! yup, u guessed it... we had 3 new babies within one week! 2 were even on the same day!!! she was ahhmazzing! she was the second session that i had and we were out in the hot until it was too dark to shoot! we were probably out for at least three hours lol it was so much fun! thanks girl!

this is one of my good friends! she was very fun to work with :0) she was such a poser lol! she's so cute and it was just really really great working with her! she would just start posing for me and i got some ahmaazing pictures out of our session!!!

this here is a beautiful little girl that i had the chance to take pictures of... my first newborn shoot. and let me tell you, now that was an experience! i love love love babies, but i hadn't gotten the chance to hold a newborn in a little over 3 years lol... i just didn't want to break here! but she did amazing and looked so cute in the tutu that i made!

this is one of my sons best friends! her mommy and i are besties too lol! she was such an ornery little bugger! it was so fun! she really liked her tutu too! she's so adorable and i just LOVE this picture!

well, there's a few for ya to see! i will soon be getting more pictures of each photo session out into their own post so you can see more! thank you soo much :0)

till next time!

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