Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crystal and Tyler maternity

hillo again!
    for my next photo session i took maternity pictures of my other cousin Crystal (kaylas sister) and her man Tyler. they were my first "couple" shoot so i was so super excited lol and really nervous at the same time! but i like how the pictures turned out. they were so cute together, i would've been highly disappointed if they didn't lol. crystal and kaylas due dates were only like a week apart! crazy huh?! so here are a few of their pictures!

[i have a confession to make, i'm not sure what my "picture style" is yet lol... as u can see from the variety of photo styles in this post. part of it is because i'm in a photography photoshop class right now so i'm learning new skills as i'm going, but part of it is also because i like such a wide variety of pictures... I LOVE THEM ALL!!!]  i'll have more on this subject in another post. now it's time to talk about how wonderful it was working with crystal and tyler!

    they were so fun!, it was a joy working with them lol tyler even ended up putting that tutu, in the above picture, on his head.. we got a good chuckle out of it!!!!!! and i'll probably hear about it when i see him next, but it's ok!

thank you again guys for letting me take pictures for you at this memorable time!
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