Friday, November 2, 2012

so today i have some pictures to share with you! in our town, we have a night where the kids can go Trick-Or-Treating downtown. there is a 3 block area that is blocked off and the kids can run free [or as free as they can get while their parents are with them :0) ] anyhow back to my story lol, i decided to try and set up a background and see if i could get any costumers! i did end up getting a few kids that took pics!!! here they are!

this little guy is so cute! he was they cutest little tiger that night! adorable!

look at these little cheerleaders! they were so shy :0) just look at those smiles! 


Harry Potter put a spell on me! he was love love loving his costume! that little guy was fun!!

and of course, not to be rude or anything :0) but the CUTEST little firemen EVER!!!
my son and my nephew are so much alike lol best buddies!

thanks for the pics guys!!! and thanks for viewing my blog!!! don't forget to leave a comment!

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