Tuesday, September 18, 2012

little miss kylie anne

heller again!

    this photo session is of kylie! a wonderfully bouncy little four year old! if you read my earlier post i mentioned that lil miss kylie here is one of my sons best friends and that her mommy is also one of my best friends! so this was a very fun shoot! took the boy child along for the ride and they even ended up takin some pics together at the end! it was so cute.. anyhow, gettin off track!

     we played with chalk, and ran around... we even took a, non photographed, ice cream break! now that i think about it, i probably should've takin the "messy ice cream faced" pictures.. awww shucks... next time!!! well here are a few!

(tutus made by me)

she was having so much fun with that chalk.

and this is kylies beautiful mother stacie...aren't they just adorable :0)


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