Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day! and a little bit extra

hey everyone!

i hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!!! i know i did, my son got me a huge card, with owls on it :0) he knows i just love owls! he traced his hands and feet (with the help of my mom!) and also gave me some chocolate candies! it was a wonderful day!

so, what have i been doing lately?! well, i've recently bought a house, yay! so i'm in the process of making it my own, which is sometimes hard when you're on a budget! i'm the type of person that, i like to buy old things and renovate them into something wonderful... which can totally end up costing more than just going out and buying something new lol. hopefully i will be having some cool diy tutorials to share with you in the next few months since the weather is fiinnnally getting a little nicer!

last sunday i was fortunate enough to have 2 beautiful 2014 Seniors participate in a Senior Rep Session that i did. and on friday i got to photograph my first bigger wedding! and let me tell you, I WAS SHAKING!!! i knew the groom through my part time job and his lovely {WIFE!!!} because she would come in and see him every once in a while! they are 2 very beautiful people, on the inside and out!  hopefully i will be having a few sneak peaks for you very very soon! (today if at all possible!!!)  they are in Irland right now on their honeymoon! so i hope to be surprising them with something very beautiful when they get home! yay!!!
[i will have more fun stories of that experience when i post some pics!]

i am so excited to start editing!!! and of course my computer is not working at the moment... uhhh i have THE WORST luck with technology, which totally sucks when you're trying to become a digital photographer lol.. but it always works out! i love what i do, and i love getting the chance to meet new and amazing people!

until next time,
love and peace! Danielle

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